21st Century Teeth Cleaning


Welcome to your new best (dental) friend. It’s called an EMS Airflow, and we are super excited to have one. How’s it work? Well, I’m sure you’ve had your teeth cleaned the old way: 20 minutes or more of high pitched buzzing, 5 minutes of scratching and scraping, then maybe 10 minutes of light drilling on your teeth with a rubber cup and toothpaste. It’s not the most fun you can have lying down. The Airflow, however,  is an entirely different way of doing things. First, we apply a dye to your teeth so you can see which bits (if any)  you’re missing when you’re brushing. The dye picks up any biofilm (essentially a sticky carpet of bugs) that we know are implicated in heart attacks, strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. The Airflow then cleans the biofilm away using a jet of warm water and soft powder. The result is the gentlest, most thorough tooth cleaning you’ve ever had. At the end, there might be a little bit of buzzing and scraping, but nowhere near as much as doing it the old way.

Below is video of the Airflow in action. I’m confident you’re going to love it as much as I do.

See it in action here:-