Leading Edge Dental's Story

The journey of a thousand (S)miles begins with one step!

Our practice was established in Penshurst in the late 1800s by William Crawford. In 1919 his son, John Sydney Crawford, qualified (after serving an apprenticeship) and joined his father’s practice. Sometime in the mid-1920s John Sydney Crawford set up his own practice in the main street of Penshurst (see cool old photo).

In 1953 his son, John Robert Crawford (top right), graduated from the University of Sydney and joined his father practising in Penshurst.

Young John established his own practice in 1957, building on the vacant site at 16 The Strand. In 1962 John Snr moved into 16 The Strand and practiced there until his retirement in the mid 60’s. On March 28, 2001 young John (John Robert Crawford) retired after 48 years of practice.

The Crawford family can thus proudly, and uniquely, lay claim to treating local people in three separate centuries. The present owner, Brett Lucas Taylor (that’s me, looking ridiculously young), joined the practice in 1985. He can claim to have treated the locals in two separate centuries, but is not particularly confident of making it three.

Currently our most loyal active patient is Coral Roberts, who has just clocked up  75 years of continuous care in our practice. Coral first attended as an an 8 year old. I don’t want to reveal a lady’s age, but you can probably figure the maths out for yourself. She’s still got a few years to go to catch Les Riley, who had been attending for just over 80 years when he passed away at age 97 in 2015. Both have/had a full set of teeth thanks to the good work of Johns Jr and Sr (and me in later years).

Here’s John “junior” the day he retired in 2001. Sadly he passed away on January 22nd 2016 at the age of 87. Here is a nice obituary the ADA NSW Branch published on his life.

 “Young Mr Crawford” is still fondly remembered by many of his old patients who still regularly come in. Apart from the good times with John, this photo helps me fondly remember how much hair I used to have. RIP John. We miss you.


Practice Philosophy

My practice philosophy revolves around three things: having fun, the golden rule and cheating. I’m probably going to have to explain how those three things come together.


Having Fun

You’re a long time dead. My personal philosophy, over all aspects of my life (including work), is that if you’re not having fun then what’s the point? So I like to have fun. I like to laugh. I like to make other people laugh. If you’re looking for a serious dentist you are not going to like it here. Don’t worry though, I always pay attention to what I’m doing, and I do it as well as I can, it’s just that I don’t buy into the whole “the Doctor is God and he needs to always be acting like the Doctor” thing. So be warned, I’m probably going to tell you a few jokes and yes they’re not always going to be good ones. If you’re a new patient you best be prepared, if you’re an old patient you’re already used to it.


The Golden Rule

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, that’s the golden rule.  It’s pretty simple really. I’ll treat you the way I would want to be treated myself, or the way I would want someone to treat my family or friends. That means I’m always going to try my darnedest  to be as gentle as possible, and I’ll always pay attention to what it is you want. I don’t know about you, but I hate being told what to do, even by a doctor. And I hate it when I don’t think people are listening to me (particularly doctors). So I promise the ball will always be in your court, and I will always respect whatever decision you feel is in your best interests. It’s your body and your health and I understand that. I’m here to help, not to lecture you or make you feel bad.



Cheating is really the wrong word, what I believe in is giving you an unfair advantage. I hope you’re sitting down because this is going to shock you; apparently not everyone enjoys going to the dentist. Yes it surprised me too. Also, it seems the less time people spend in the dental chair, the happier they are (the surprises just keep coming don’t they?) Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time here and overseas learning how to do things faster and better. I also buy any fancy equipment that lets me treat you faster and better. I also put a lot of effort into preventing problems occurring in your mouth.  I know you’d rather be somewhere else, so I try to use all the knowledge I’ve acquired, and all the fancy high-tech gizmos and gadgets money can buy, to ensure you spend as little time as possible sitting in a dental chair.

So that’s it in a nutshell, have fun, be nice to people and be as good as you can be at what you do. It works for me; I hope it works for you.


Why Visit Leading Edge Dental?

this is what we think


Awesome Services

I think “awesome” is going a bit far. Our web person gets carried away at times.


First Class Support

Like we’re going to say we offer “second class support”?


Pain Free Injections

OK this one isn’t BS. My injection technique IS awesome.


High-Tech Toys

Yeah I like to keep up. If it makes my life easier it makes your treatment easier.


Finance Options Available

We like getting paid. It’s how I afford the high tech toys.


The Best Team

This isn’t BS either. I have a great team. They’re all nicer than the PIA dentist.


We strive for Perfection

Not sure this is a good thing. I’m fussy as crap so I’m cranky sometimes. I get over it.


Great Reviews

Yeah, most people seem to like us. Read the bad reviews though. Proves I don’t write them all.