Our Team

While there is an ‘I’ in ‘Dentist’, there certainly isn’t an ‘I’ in ‘Team’…

Dr Brett Taylor

Commander in Teeth

Who am I? Well, I grew up in Lugarno and went to primary school there for 7 years. Read More

Susan Marin

Jack Of All Trades (does everything)

This is Susan (aka Sue, Susana, Susy). See that smile? Read More

Margot Heather

(Oh so very) Senior Dental Assistant

Margot is the “new” Sue. When I advertised her position I wrote: Read More


Amanda Bortz

Oral Health Therapist

Amanda has “only” been with us 10 years. She graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health. Read More

Mursal Ayub

Oral Health Therapist

Mursal is the odd one out around here because she is soooooooo young. Read More

Denise Maxwell

Practice Manager Emeritus, Bookkeeper

Denise started work here as a 16 year old in the late 60s (mini-skirt and all). Read More

Donna Taylor

Marketing and Accounting

This is Lthe boss’s wife. Now I may not look real bright, but I’m not stupid. Read More


Kylie Jebb

Website Gal

Kylie is our in-house website and Zumba consultant (an obviously very specialised role). Read More