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Why is this place called Leading Edge Dental?

Begin and end your day with a smile!

It’s mostly my obsessive desire to be the best I can possible be. Yeah I know that sounds like new age BS, but I’m too old to stop being me. I  love learning new things,  and I particularly  love being on the cutting edge of technology. If there’s a snippet of knowledge or a piece of equipment, that will make your time in my chair shorter, more effective, or more pleasant, then I have it.

Below are just some of the Leading Edge techniques and equipment we have to make your dental experience  better.

This is going to be the hottest thing in dentistry when more people find out about it. Are your gums receding? If not find something else to read. If they are, you need to know about this procedure.

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I had the second one of these in Australia (some bastard in Melbourne got the first one delivered the day before). It’s a fancy pants high speed scanner that allows me to make you a crown on the spot. No goop in your mouth, no temporary crowns, no getting numb twice. All over in one pain free visit.

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Once you’ve had your teeth cleaned this way you’ll never want your teeth cleaned any other way (yes it’s that good).

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Why Choose Us?

We can give you many reasons, but here are a few

We Won't Judge You

Life can be hard. Sometimes looking after yourself takes a back seat. We get that. Too often, people tell me they delayed making an appointment because they were embarrassed by the state of their teeth. Rest assured, we won’t rouse on you, or make you feel guilty, or in any way make you feel bad for not coming in sooner. The truth is the bigger the challenge, the more fun it is to treat. So please don’t feel ashamed about your mouth; you might actually be making my day.

We’ll Help You Live Longer (and healthier)

Your oral health can affect your general health AND your life expectancy. Gum disease increases your risk of stroke, heart attack and dementia. The shape of your tongue and jaws can increase your risk of sleep apnoea, which will decrease your life expectancy if you’re an adult or reduce your IQ if you’re a child. This stuff gets missed too often, but not by me. Read a few of the Google reviews below. I’m not just looking at your teeth. I’m looking at everything.

We’re Not Trying to Sell You Anything

My job is to figure out what’s going on in your mouth and then let you know your options. I strongly believe people are entitled to make their own health decisions. Yes, I’ll make a case for getting healthier and preventing future problems, but it’s your body, not mine. I’d rather lose a toe than a tooth, but that’s me. Provided I’ve done my job properly and explained everything clearly, I’ll respect whatever you decide to do. It’s your body, not mine (I’ve said that already, but it’s worth repeating).


Our Team

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight!

Dr Brett Taylor

Commander in Teeth

Athletic, good looking, hirsute, humble, quietly spoken, impeccable dress sense. These are just a few of the attributes I’ve never been accused of possessing. I’m a half decent dentist however, which is more important than hair right?

Susan Marin

Jack of all trades (does everything)

This is Susan (aka Sue, Susana, Susy). See that smile? That’s not her acting happy, that’s the smile of a crazy woman. 10 hours a day, 4 days a week, 48 weeks a year for over 25 years, Susan sat by my side; listening to the same lame jokes day after day after day.

Margot Heather

(Oh so very) Senior Dental Assistant

Margot is the “new” Sue. When I advertised her position I wrote: “Wanted, dental assistant, preferably old and cranky to join my old and cranky team”. Margot was so perfectly qualified I hired her on the spot.


Amanda Bortz

Dental Hygienist

Amanda has “only” been with us 10 years. She graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Newcastle in 2012. Prior to that she was a dental assistant for 10+ years. Amanda  is great with kids and old people (and most ages in between) and has become a much liked and valuable member of our team.

Mursal Ayub

Oral Health Therapist

Mursal is the odd one out around here because she is soooooooo young. God she’s young. I have a pair of shoes 25 years older than her. I’ll regularly say something like “ can you check the chart, when did I do the crown on the second molar”. And she’ll say “five years before I was born”.

Denise Maxwell

Practice Manager Emeritus, Bookkeeper

Denise started work here as a 16 year old in the late 60s (mini-skirt and all). Then, suddenly,  after working here for only 53 years, she decided to retire? How disloyal and self-centred is that? Anyway the shrink said I had to move on so move on I will.


The thoughts of others

wendy briggs
wendy briggs
I keep returning to Brett and his entire team are excellent! 2 of my adult children have returned to see him as their dentist (one of them has serious issues with their teeth - like mum!), and the other brings her partner along as well - and in the future there's a few kids to throw into the mix. I think he sees my eldest grandchild as well. Brett must feel as if he's being taken over. My wish is to have us all turn up, one after the other, some day......I think he'd retire shortly after.........when I started seeing Brett all those decades ago, I hadnt been to a dentist for over 12 years (explains how much I detested dentists!) And he's the only one I've ever went back to a second time - thats a hell of a lot of trips to the same dentist....... he must be alright........
Bruce Meller
Bruce Meller
I’ve been seeing Brett for over 15 years and confidently recommend him to others. He’s an excellent dentist who cares for his patients, takes pride in his work and keeps up to date with nee developments in dentistry. His philosophy of dentistry is superb. 100%
Had my six monthly clean today. Very happy with the service provided and the caring and friendly staff that looked after me.
Rodger Robertson
Rodger Robertson
all good- excellent process- I feel in good hands!
Bill Morgan
Bill Morgan
As always, I was very happy with my treatment yesterday. I would recommend Leading Edge Dental as an efficient and courteous provider of dental services.
Steve Nabaki
Steve Nabaki
Highly recommend put simply if you want peace of mind Dr Brett Taylor and his wonderful staff will look after you, excellent professional great advise all our family will be seeing the team at Leading edge dental ???? . Regards Toufic steve Nabaki
Sue Weaver
Sue Weaver
Great Dentist and great staff
p Vaughan
p Vaughan
Brett and the team are professional and knowledgeable. Brett takes the time to explain what he is doing and why he is doing it. Highly recommended.
Kent Kearney
Kent Kearney
If you want the best then go to Leading Edge Dental.
David Roger
David Roger
Doctor Brett was most professional, courteous and made me feel very much at ease. He was humorous and was extremely interesting to chat with. He was also most knowledgeable and his practice has the most state-of-the-art equipment I have ever seen. He is most definitely my preferred dentist of choice as of today. Many thanks Doctor Brett . Additionally, he was careful to fully explain his diagnosis and not in rush to conclude the consultation . Many thanks Doctor Brett ! Another visit today (10 July )and another painless filing !! Amazed (again) with Doctor Brett and his superb skills. He is a most caring professional and instructs his clients in the PREVENTATIVE care of teeth and the importance for continued maintenance. Thanks again Doctor Brett for your continued expertise.

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  • Saturday :If the lights are on, ring intercom and tell Brett to go home.

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