Amanda Bortz

Oral Health Therapist

Amanda has “only” been with us 10 years. She graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Newcastle in 2012. Prior to that she was a dental assistant for 10+ years. Amanda  is great with kids and old people (and most ages in between) and has become a much liked and valuable member of our team.  For a while there, she had single-handedly rekindled my interest in rugby league, being an avid die hard supporter of a team that was losing most weeks (yes I like tormenting her about it, no I’ve never grown up).  More recently however Parramatta have been winning, so that’s taking most of the fun out of football for me. If it’s winter however, and you have a Monday appointment, you might want to check the rugby league results. She’s getting a bit too used to Parramatta winning of late, so if they’ve lost, you might want to bring in a condolence card, or some flowers or maybe chocolates to help her through her depression. She has only recently returned part time after maternity leave, having added a cute little girl to the family. The family also includes an equally cute son, and a not so cute but very nice regardless “partner”. Maybe ask her why they never got married. That should be a conversation starter.