Donna Taylor

Marketing and Accounting

This is the boss’s wife. Now I may not look real bright, but I’m not stupid, and as a fully qualified husband with over 30 years’ experience, I know you’re on a hiding to nothing making jokes about your wife. Also, while the rest of the team just got snapped in the middle of the day without any warning (or makeup), I’ve picked a very nice photo of Donna looking all dressed up. Like I said, I’m not stupid.

Mrs Taylor is a qualified solicitor of some 20+ years who works behind the scenes in the practice on marketing and accounting. She is a much loved and invaluable member of the team, who provides solid and sensible advice to people who don’t always appear to be solid or sensible. She has single handedly (almost) raised two lovely daughters because her husband spends too much time at work, or overseas studying. or interstate lecturing. She could certainly do better than the fat bastard she’s married to, but she seems to stick around out of pity, or because she finds him mildly amusing. We’re not sure which. She has blue eyes, two daughters, two cats, a dog and is actually a lot funnier than me (and way nicer).