Mursal Ayub

Dental Hygienist

Mursal is the odd one out around here because she is soooooooo young. God she’s young. I have a pair of shoes 25 years older than her. I’ll regularly say something like “ can you check the chart, when did I do the crown on the second molar”. And she’ll say “five years before I was born”. Mursal graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health degree from the University of Sydney in 2020, so she’s got to be about 23, but she looks about 15. She is, however, very friendly and has been a great addition to my otherwise old and cranky team. She started here covering for Amanda while she was on maternity leave, but she was so good I couldn’t let her go. This was her first job after graduating,  and I have to say she has developed into a fine clinician and I’m very proud of her.