Susan Marin

Practice Manager

This is Susan (aka Sue, Susana, Susy). See that smile? That’s not her acting happy, that’s the smile of a crazy woman. 10 hours a day, 4 days a week, 48 weeks a year for over 25 years, Susan sat by my side; listening to the same lame jokes day after day after day.. How could you not be demented? Yeah sure she acts normal, and as far as the patients are concerned she seems very nice, but I’ve noticed a few facial twitches lately so I won’t be surprised if she goes postal on me some time soon. Look out for news reports of a dentist killed by his assistant. Sue is Chilean by birth and Spanish is her first language, so my theory is she thinks in Spanish so doesn’t hear half my jokes, and that’s how she’s stayed sane all these years (well, sane-ish). She has a little girl now who keeps her busy. Miss T has started school, and based on some of the stories I’ve heard, I hope she’s a lot better behaved than her mother. All jokes aside I don’t know what I’d do without Sue. When she was off work having the baby I had an opportunity to find out and I almost went postal myself. Like Denise she’s allowed to retire when I do.

Bio update: “Little” Miss T has started high school and is bigger than her mother. Denise did sort of retire (read her bio) so I was forced to demote Sue (spending less time listening to my jokes has to be demotion right?) and give her Denise’s job on reception. She has turned into just as fabulous a receptionist/office manager as she was a dental assistant. I’m very lucky to have her (which is why I haven’t updated her photo in 10 years…I’m not stupid).