Kids Teeth

How to avoid problems with: Your Child’s Teeth.

  • Would you like your child to have good teeth? Kids these days don’t have to get holes. If you follow the advice below your child could become an adult without ever having a cavity. Think how nice that would be for them.
  • The Big Picture Decay happens when bugs in the mouth turn sugar into acid. The more OFTEN children have foods and drinks that contain ANY SUGAR, the more at risk they are of decay.

What to Do It’s real easy.

  • You can feed them whatever you feel appropriate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In between, just don’t give them anything that contains sugar (not even natural sugar).

Common Mistakes.

  • AVOID the following between meals: dried fruit, fruit juice (especially apple juice), cordial, soft drink, sweet biscuits, lollies. Don’t think diluting fruit juice makes it OK. It still contains too much sugar. Babies should NEVER EVER fall asleep with a bottle containing juice.

Between Meal Drinks Plain milk and water.

  • The human race survived for a lot of years only drinking water. There’s a good chance your child would survive as well. If you’re having trouble getting them off sweet drinks, diet cordial or diet soft drink is OK (not great, just OK).

Between Meal Snacks Cheese is the best snack.

  • Cold meats are also good (chicken, ham, turkey, devon etc). Vegemite or peanut butter sandwiches are OK. Vegetables are great but a bit hard to sell. Apples and oranges are alright once a day, just don’t let them “nibble” on them for an extended period.

Follow the guidelines above, brush their teeth twice a day with a soft brush and Colgate Junior Toothpaste, and, your child will never get decay.