Tooth Wear

Does it look like your teeth are wearing down a little? All teeth wear through life naturally, however if this wear is excessive it means your teeth may need to be covered or built up so they are not lost. Causes of tooth wear:

  • Teeth Grinding Grinding your teeth, particularly at night, can remove tooth structure. This grinding may be due to stress in your life or to teeth out of position. A  plastic splint to cover your teeth at night may be recommended or your teeth may be adjusted so they don’t subconsciously “annoy” you.
  • Acid Going into your Mouth Foods containing acids can damage your teeth. If you have tooth wear it is very important you reduce or eliminate the following acid foods from your diet: Lemons, oranges, tomatoes, grapefruits and juices from these fruits. Vinegar, tonic water, diet and regular soft drinks, sports drinks, white wine.
  • Acid from your Stomach Acids from your stomach can wear away your teeth. If you get heartburn or an acid taste in your mouth you may be at risk. It may be recommended that your doctor investigate this problem. It can often be overcome with medication.
  • Changes in your saliva Lack of water intake, and some tablets and pills can increase the amount of acid in the saliva. If most of your fluids have caffeine in them (coffee, tea, diet colas) then it is very likely your saliva is acidic and that you are mildly dehydrated.  So, drink more water.